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Ok, context: This is bonus footage from the final performance of what was known as the “First Stage” of the Sailor Moon musicals. After playing the role from the very first performance five years prior, Anza was graduating from Sailor Moon. Along with her, many other long-running performers were graduating from their roles, including Morino Ayako who had played Sailor Mercury from the beginning just as Anza had for Sailor Moon.

On this final performance, many extra fans turned up and weren’t able to get tickets which was very troubling to Anza and I’m sure many others involved in the show who wanted everyone to be able to share the experience. Eventually, they set up a live feed of the performance to be shown on a TV in the lobby of the theater so that everyone who couldn’t get tickets could still celebrate the end of the era.

And that’s just beautiful.

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So, this is officially my 100th post on this blog and I thought that it should be something different from my usual posts. 

There are many times when I get so overwhelmed by this hobby.  The stress, the times where I truly lack skill or patience, the drama and along with the added issues caused by my depression and anxiety, I often have to take a step back.

It doesn’t take long for me to remind myself of why I keep cosplaying.
My friends.
I have met so many amazing people through cosplay and they are the reason why I hold it so dear. If it wasn’t for them, I would have quit a long time ago. 

I could only pick a few photos from the many I have, but the ones above feature faidflourite, tatsuecosplay, misterstereodream, elrowiel, zeppelis, vaguelyazn, Orca and my boyfriend, John (who I did not meet through cosplay, but he has always supported me through the ups and downs).

Thank you so much, you guys. You really are the greatest part of this hobby for me. <3

awwww i’m a crey. ;~; so true man, so many awesome friends and people i have met because of cosplay.

(also haha i was scrolling and went “oh cool another seymour cosplayer! ….but it was just me.”)

Dreams? Really?

Also just finished the first book from Game of Thrones.  Is it just me or is dreaming used like… crazy-often in fiction to foreshadow. The last 4 or 5 books I’ve read(Wheel of Time, Dresden Files, GoT, etc) have done it and it seems like there should be another way to foreshadow without every other character having prophetic dreams that hint vaguely at the future. Thoughts? Is it lazy storytelling or an expected trope or just too hard in some settings to do it without resorting to dreams…? I’m genuinely curious.

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